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what is Trading dishes?


Trading Dishes is a documentary series in the making. The series is about Chef Steven Ferneding, who is a culinary artist and explorer on a mission to feed the world.


 Join Chef Steven as he travels the globe to the worlds most exotic locations and diverse climates measuring the impact of environmental destruction, at the level of the dining room table. 


As Chef Steven explores different culture’s local ingredients, he teaches the audience unique and nutritious ways to bring communities together.


Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!


Trading Dishes Cookbook!!

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Meet the chef

Chef Steven Ferneding


Chef Steven Ferneding is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts andArizona State University. For the past 8 years he has been cooking around the world on the most prestigious yachts and in kitchens all over the world. In addition to being a private chef, Chef Steven is the host and creator of the documentary series "Trading Dishes".


television appearances



Chef Steven Ferneding has been featured on ABC and FOX Television Networks.

Click below to watch Chef Steven share his culinary delicacies.


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Thank You Supporters!

A big thanks to Drew Anker for supporting Trading Dishes on the sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We really appreciate all your continued support and encouragement!! Thanks Drew! ⭐️Chef Steven Ferneding

Happy Children

These happy little faces were just one of the great things about filming Trading Dishes in Western Nepal. Their excitement only grew, as I cooked them their first vegetable omelette using all local ingredients! ⭐️Chef Steven Ferneding 0

Holy Man

While in India I had the pleasure of meeting this holy man who is known as sādhu. According to Hinduism, their mission is to reach liberation (the final stage of life) through the process of meditation. Throughout my travels in India I would often sit with them and discuss and learn about their philosophies of […]

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Be sure to stop by and check out our portfolio! You can follow along with us as we make the Trading Dishes documentary come to life.

Trading Dishes e-Cookbook for sale!

Chef Steven and the Trading Dishes Team is proud to announce the Trading Dishes eCookbook is available for you to purchase!


This one of a kind eCookbook is full of healthy recipes we gathered while traveling in SE Asia, stories from our trip, bios of people we met, travel tips and a story of environmental change!


A Coral Head Production

The Trading Dishes documentary series is currently under the direction of Coral Head Productions.

Their mission: to produce transformative media to benefit inhabitants around the world who are suffering from climate change and hunger.




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We are currently accepting donations to help fund the Trading Dishes documentary series. The money raised will go towards: funding the post production and future documentaries. We will also be donating a portion of the funds collected to the United Nations World Food Programme ( and the non-profit Practical Action (

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