Happy Children

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These happy little faces were just one of the great things about filming Trading Dishes in Western Nepal. Their excitement only grew, as I cooked them their first vegetable omelette using all local ingredients! ⭐️Chef Steven Ferneding

Holy Man

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While in India I had the pleasure of meeting this holy man who is known as sādhu. According to Hinduism, their mission is to reach liberation (the final stage of life) through the process of meditation. Throughout my travels in India I would often sit with them and discuss and learn about their philosophies of […]

Hospital Trips

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When you travel to developing countries sometimes you end up in the hospital. While filming Trading Dishes we had the pleasure of visiting these not so fun guesthouses on a number of occasions. Coming from a western society it can take a while to adjust to the food and sanitation practices of other countries. After […]

Sleeping, eating, cooking, starring, driving, honking, drinking chai…

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Our driver dropped us off at the main bazaar [basically a giant market] in New Delhi and I was instantly reminded that we were indeed in India. The cram packed streets were booming with serious street vendors trying to sell you everything you could ever imagine. Steven quickly showed me how to politely decline such […]

Saying Good Bye

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Saying good bye is never easy, especially when you encounter such wonderful and giving people. Standing in front of the hand built home of Indica and Peoni, I said my final farewell after an incredible week of filming. These two amazing people not only invited myself and the Trading Dishes film crew into their home, […]

Save the elephants

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On an extremely hot day, while on safari in Sri Lanka, we were discussing the effects climate change is having on these magnificent mammals. Unfortunately, because of the droughts and deforestation in this region, the herds are having to go beyond their protected areas and to try to find food. It was incredible to find […]