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Makrut Lime Powder - Also known as "Kaffir Lime Leaf"


Harvested in: Thailand 

Flavor Profile: Citrus, Floral. Sweet. 

Certifications: Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified 


My latest discovery has been the incredible, which has taken my taste buds on an adventure like no other.


Originating from Thailand, Makrut Lime Leaf powder's history dates back centuries. It has been used in traditional Thai cuisine for its distinct citrusy and earthy flavor. The leaf's unique shape also holds a special significance in Thai culture, often being used in spiritual practices.


In my culinary journey with Makrut Lime Leaf powder, I've found it to be incredibly versatile. From curries to salads, this powder has added an incredible depth of flavor to my dishes. Its bright and zesty aroma adds a fresh and vibrant touch to any recipe, making it a must-have for any chef looking to explore new flavors.

Makrut Lime Leaf Powder - Organic

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Makrut Lime Powder
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