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Spices in Moroccan Market


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Your Adventure Awaits!

Trading Dishes Productions LLC established in 2019, specializes in producing an international travel cooking documentary series, Trading Dishes, hosted by Chef Steven Ferneding. 

Currently, we are in the development of our International Gourmet Chef Spice Kit. The features a classic aged wood finish, blended with brass accents and comfortable luggage straps, with a vintage map for a touch of luxury and authenticity that suits your kitchen.

Boasting the polished wood finish with a faux leather construction provides a timeless design that stands out as you move around the world. You'll find that the contents are tightly sealed-ounce containers filled with carefully selected top-quality spices, providing you with every flavor that will embellish your every dish.

Beautifully adorned with our signature logo label, this spice kit is enclosed with an exquisite gift box that provides a satisfying, unwrapping experience that everyone will appreciate.

Spices and kit will be available for sale by March 2023.


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Trading Dishes Productions LLC

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Trading Dishes Productions LLC

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Spice Market Dubai
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