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Join me as your guide as I create culinary wonders in various locations, including mega yachts, lavish mansions, and even simple mud huts. It has been a thrilling culinary voyage. I've traveled the world in search of gastronomic adventures, immersing myself in colorful Indian marketplaces and finding undiscovered treasures in isolated Indonesian towns. Thanks to this intensive voyage, I've fully appreciated the indigenous spices of every location, allowing me to use them in my dishes with an unmatched understanding.

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Blue and Black Minimalist Hotel  Gift Voucher.png
Blue and Black Minimalist Hotel  Gift Voucher.png

Greetings, esteemed culinary enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce myself as Chef Steven Ferneding, a globetrotting culinary artist and connoisseur of flavors. I have embarked on a remarkable odyssey spanning 50+ countries, traversing the globe three times and immersing myself in the gastronomic wonders of each unique culture I encounter.

Following my academic pursuits in International Business at Arizona State University, I eagerly pursued my passion for the culinary arts by honing my skills at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. With honors in hand, I ventured forth to work at a renowned seafood restaurant in San Diego before succumbing to the allure of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, where I delighted in crafting delectable dishes aboard the world's most prestigious yachts and within the private abodes of illustrious celebrities.

My reputation as a healthy gourmet chef flourished during my time at sea, earning me accolades and features in international yachting magazines and industry publications. However, my thirst for discovery and the quest for tantalizing flavors led me to India, where I embarked on transformative culinary education, immersing myself in the art of Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. I traversed the lands for eighteen awe-inspiring months, cooking traditional meals alongside locals in their humble homes.


As a testament to my adventurous spirit, I even conquered the treacherous Himalayan glaciers in Nepal, spending three arduous months ascending the magnificent heights of the Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Mountain Range .It was during my descent, at a staggering 17,600 feet, that inspiration struck me like lightning. In a moment of revelation, I conceived a grand culinary endeavor that would span the globe.


Thus, I manifested "Trading Dishes," an extraordinary international travel cooking series that took us on a breathtaking 93-day journey through Nepal, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Bali. Throughout our expedition, I absorbed ancient recipes from a Nepalese village, prepared nourishing omelets in rustic mud huts, and delighted in cooking over open wood fires for entire communities. I crafted divine Palak Paneer for underprivileged orphans in Jaipur's slums, created wholesome dishes with locals in climate-stricken rice fields of Sri Lanka, and exchanged recipes while conjuring culinary magic in wooden huts along Thailand's pristine sandy shores.

The wisdom and expertise I acquired during this captivating voyage propelled me to co-author a cookbook also available for sale on Amazon. Its pages brim with the essence of these enchanting lands and were featured in the esteemed Arizona Foothills luxury lifestyle magazine. Moreover, I have had the privilege of showcasing my culinary prowess through captivating live cooking demonstrations on esteemed networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and AZTV. In fact, my previous expedition to Thailand saw me hosting two riveting international cooking demonstrations broadcasted on ABC's esteemed Afternoon Live Show.


To support my international culinary expeditions, I founded Cooking with Chef Steven, a luxury personal chef company based in Sedona, Arizona, where I provide private cooking lessons and fine dining dinner parties. 


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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