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Spice Store
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Welcome to the Trading Dishes Store!

We pride ourselves on high-quality single origin exotic organic spices, salts, and peppercorns. Expertly prepared spices with a commitment to ethical sourcing. Guaranteed exceptional quality and sustainability for restaurants, private chefs and yachts. Trustworthy farms with ecologically responsible methods.

Sustainability Commitment

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Using organic and sustainably sourced spices from Trading Dishes has a positive environmental and social impact. Harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are avoided by choosing organic spices, reducing environmental pollution, and promoting healthy soil and ecosystems. Sustainably sourced spices help to ensure that the communities and farmers who grow them are treated fairly and receive a fair wage for their work, promoting social sustainability.


Additionally, Trading Dishes works with small, local farms to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, supporting local economies and reducing the environmental impact of global supply chains. Using organic and sustainably sourced spices from Trading Dishes can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable food system. Our spices are grown using sustainable farming practices that support the health of the land and the communities that depend on it. We believe that by supporting local farmers, we can help promote economic development and social responsibility around the world.

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