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The concept for the Trading Dishes was created in May of 2013, during my descent from Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The breathtaking Himalayan Mountains and the melting glaciers surrounding me at the roof of the world left me in awe. But it was also a stark reminder of the environmental challenges we face. 

I became deeply concerned about the locals' nutrition during my three-month stay in Nepal. I noticed a recurring culinary activity among the Nepalese and others around the world—eating the same basic dish, Dal Bhat, for every meal. This dish consisted of large quantities of steamed white rice, vegetable curry, and lentil soup. I couldn't help but wonder why they were missing out on the incredible variety of flavors and ingredients available to them. Curiosity led me to ask a Nepalese family who was hosting me, who explained that many harvest seasons have not survived due to climate change. Limiting the amount of available produce being grown and to be used for consumption. Determined to show my gratitude, I requested to cook dinner for the family I was staying with, using only ingredients from their garden. 

The transformation was extraordinary. The family watched in awe as I prepared my famous homemade spaghetti with roasted bell pepper marinara sauce. Even a young aspiring chef among them was inspired by the possibilities. It was a pivotal moment, filled with inspiration and hope, and it laid the foundation for Trading Dishes.

Returning to the USA, I immersed myself in studying the effects of climate change and food sustainability worldwide. The more I learned, the stronger my desire became to educate others and help them overcome these challenges. Thus, the concept of Trading Dishes took shape—a television series that invites viewers to join me in some of the world's most exotic locations, places deeply affected by climate change. Together, we develop new dishes, step inside locals' homes, and share stories that inspire and ignite change.


Blue and Black Minimalist Hotel  Gift Voucher.png
Blue and Black Minimalist Hotel  Gift Voucher.png

Trading Dishes is more than just a cooking show. It's a platform to raise awareness and foster a global conversation about the significance of sustainable food practices. Through education and exploration, I aim to empower individuals to make conscious choices that enhance their own lives and contribute to our planet's well-being.

I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey of flavor and discovery. Let's celebrate the richness of international cuisine while embracing our commitment to sustainability. We can create a better world—one dish at a time.

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