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Cumin Seeds


Harvested in: Egypt

Certifications: Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified 

Flavor Profile: Woody. Earthy. Smoky.   

Net Weight of Spice in Ounces: 0.5

Net Weight of Empty Bottle with Lid in Ounces: 1.8

Total Weight in Ounces: 2.3

Total Weight in Grams: 14


Journey to the Heart of Egypt: Exploring the History and Flavor of Cumin Seed"


As a traveling chef, I have always been drawn to the vibrant markets of Egypt, where spices like cumin are found in abundance. Cumin has been used in this region for thousands of years, with references to its use in ancient Egyptian texts and in the cuisine of the Pharaohs.


In my travels through the bustling streets of Cairo, I have discovered the many uses of cumin in traditional dishes such as falafel, shakshuka, and koshari. The warm, earthy flavor of cumin adds depth and complexity to these dishes, and its versatility makes it a staple in Egyptian cooking.


But cumin is not just limited to savory dishes. In fact, it is a key ingredient in many desserts, such as Egyptian spice cookies and honey cake. Its unique flavor pairs well with sweet and savory ingredients alike, making it a must-have in any chef's spice cabinet.

Cumin Seeds - Organic

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Cumin Seed - Egypt
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