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Peppermint Leaf


Harvested in: Egypt

Flavor Profile: Sweet. Sharp. Fresh

Certifications: Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified 


As I strolled through the bustling Egyptian marketplace, my senses were awakened by the fragrant scent of peppermint. I had always loved using this herb in my dishes, but I had never experienced it quite like this before. I quickly made my way over to a nearby stall where I was greeted by a friendly farmer offering me freshly picked peppermint leaves.


As I chatted with him, I learned about the long and fascinating history of peppermint in Egypt. Cleopatra was believed to have used peppermint as a beauty aid, and it was often used in religious ceremonies and medicinal practices throughout ancient times. Today, it is still a staple in Egyptian cuisine, adding a refreshing and aromatic twist to traditional dishes.

Peppermint Leaf - Organic

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Peppermint Leaf
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