Feeding the world, one dish at a time

Trading Dishes is a travel cooking television series in the making.

Circumnavigate the globe with Chef Steven Ferneding and explore with him, through his mission, to learn traditional meal preparation while Trading Dishes, to expand local communities’ culinary knowledge.

The viewer joins Chef Steven to develop new, healthy dishes while examining local living conditions, cooking methods, agricultural practices and learn the perils of diminishing food supply.



After a 40 hour bus ride Chef Steven arrives in Acham, Nepal to cook with the local villagers and explore their agricultural techniques.

Trading Dishes 93 day filming expedition through South East Asia. Featured on ABC's KATU Afternoon Live Program on March 29th 2017

Chef Steven had an incredible opportunity to cook in the slums of India. He not only learned how to cook chipati, rice and their famous curry, but was reminded about the importance of community. It takes a village to raise a child, food to fuel the soul and the perfect amount of love to keep us marching on.

India offers an experience made up of several moments that take you back to a place and time where nothing was certain but everything was perfect. From the second you step off the airplane and into this foreign, magical land your senses are assaulted in the best possible way.

This 104-page cookbook also includes spotlights of locals and excerpts from the Trading Dishes team’s expedition around South East Asia. There are stories of environmental change and personal travel tips from the chef. The recipes found here are a mere taste of what you’ll see

The Trading Dishes cookbook is an exotic collection of healthy recipes that will take you on a culinary adventure around the world. Based on the upcoming international show Trading Dishes, Chef Steven Ferneding teaches locals and remote viewers alike new and healthy dishes. He uses the produce available locally to them as they adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change.
on the upcoming show.

Chef Steven Ferneding

Coauthor and Food Photographer Jennifer Ferneding

Check out www.TradingDishesCookbook.com to learn more!


Chef Steven Ferneding is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College with a degree in Culinary Arts and a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors Degree in International Business and Communications.


ABC, CBS, and AZTV television program.FOX , is listed as the "Top 10 Best Personal Chef in Portland, Oregon, has been featured on YelpChef Steven holds a 5 Star Rating on


He has over 10 years of private chef experience in homes and private yachts around the world. In addition to being a private chef, Chef Steven is the host and creator of a worldwide movement and travel cooking series called "Trading Dishes".


Recently co-authored and published the "Trading Dishes Cookbook".

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We are currently accepting contributions to help fund the Trading Dishes Project.

The money raised will help with the cost of flights, visas, lodging, food,
post production editing, and other travel expenses.


We will be donating a portion of the funds collected to the United Nations World Food Programme and the non-profit Practical Action.


Thank you for your help!



-The Trading Dishes Team

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