Indian Clarified Butter

Download Recipe: Indian Clarified Butter

Prep time: 1 Minute Cook time: 20 Minutes Assembly time: 1 Minute Total time: 22 Minutes


1 pound of unsalted butter

You’ll Need: 1 strainer 1 coffee filter 1 medium size pot 1 jar or container with tight fitting lid

Let’s Cook! 1. Turn heat to high + add butter 2. Once melted reduce heat to low + simmer 10-15 minutes 3. Four stages will follow: 1st: Foam 2nd: Bubble 3rd: Stop bubbling 4th: Foam 4. Remove from heat after the second foam + allow to cool 3 minutes 5. Stack the strainer on top of the jar then place the coffee filter in the strainer 6. Slowly pour the finished ghee into the filter 7. Enjoy!

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