Balsamic Reduction for Watermelon Pizza

Ingredients: 1 cup of balsamic vinegar

Step 1: Pour balsamic vinegar into a medium sized saucepan

Step 2: Turn kitchen fan on high as vinegar is going to be floating into the air.

Step 3: Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat, and then turn down heat to keep at a low simmer. It will take about 10-15 minutes to thicken and reduce. Keep a careful eye near the end as you don't want to burn it. When it coats a spoon, it will be thick enough.

Step 4: Watch carefully toward the end of the reduction, be sure not to reduce to much, It will continue to thicken after you take the heat off.

Step 5: Remove from heat and allow to cool. (If balsamic reduces to much you can place the plan back on the stove over low heat and it will loosen up.


***For the Watermelon Pizza drizzle over watermelon, small diced red onions, toasted walnuts, basil, and feta cheese.

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